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Advertising technology...

… every piece of information has it’s own language. From the moment of creation to the professional planning, the precise manufacturing to the assembly (of the finished product).



Ciline advertising technology provides the relevant service to showcase your product. Display window lettering, signs, presentation systems, vehicle signage, complete external advertising, as well as particularly special, creative solutions for striking or discreet advertisement designs are our specialties.



Your visual ideas determine the possibilities. We will personally support all your projects and orders/jobs from the very beginning with diligence and dedication.

Vehicle Signage

Your company vehicle can be a mobile advertising space. Wether the vehicle is in motion or stationary, your advertisement will always be visible. Your advertisement will be reinforced and prominently placed through use of large scale digital printing, images or PVC adhesive foil/film.

Display Window Lettering

Use your display window to optimally display your logo. Ciline Advertising Technology will custom design your display window lettering. All lettering(s), logos or digiprints will adhere to the window from the inside or from the outside. Let Ciline Advertising be your advisor in creating the perfect lettering for your display window.

Illuminated Signs

The facade signage at your head office is likely the most important aspect of your personalised advertising. You clients should be able to orientate themselves to your company’s location from a distance. Illuminated signs and large facade signage can optimise your individual appearance.

 Ciline Advertising will consult you on-site and develop and implement an individualised advertising solution.


Ciline Advertising produces signs and building advertisement out of Alucobond, Dibond, plexiglass, glass, metal and other materials using digital printing, engraving, screen printing, film lettering, drafted 3D script and logos. Use the various possibilities to prominently present your exterior commercial spaces or, in-house, to point your clients in the right direction.



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