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Ciline Advertising Technology…

…is the advertising technology company that produces advertisements of all kinds. As a fullservice advertising agency, we have the solution you need. 

Labelling, graphic design and visual advertising are our strengths. What kind of advertising do you need?

Ciline Advertising Technology develops integrated concepts, incorporating all relevant media outlets. Media measure along with and creative implementation merge into an integrative communication message.



I do what I can - and leave the rest up to you…

I was born on August 15th 1981. Born to design! I have the ability to turn ideas into reality. I always think big and dream of concurring the advertisement business world. A positive, future oriented way of thinking pushes me to achieve more every day.

There is hardly anything that I can’t turn into reality with a couple hours on my Mac.

Hello, I'm Mitch Liechti

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A grand architectural achievement as an office, round the clock secretaries, top of the line company cars for customer visits, more than twenty internet platforms for your website, big screen presentations…



100% commitment, efficient advertising, individualised support (almost) around the clock, a good mood 7 days a week, honesty (even when it is hard to hear), willingness for joint business ventures with colleagues, continuing training, setting yourself apart from others, a big number in a small company.

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Ciline Advertising Technology … is your dependable partner for constructing, design & implementation. based on your information we will develop graphic messages that do justice to your product. Naturally we will adapt the messages according to your needs for the necessary media.


“Do the right things and do things right”. P. Drucker’s marketing strategies are there to analyse the roll/purpose or the various stakeholders in the market and to prioritise their importance. Based on that, clear goals can be defined and appropriate measures can be developed and implemented


We offer dozens of attractive, high quality designs in various categories for your public advertising presence from which to choose.



We will get together and talk about your ideas over a cup of coffee. You will never be rushed through as we will always take time to give you competent advice. This is often one of the key success factors.


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ciline advertising technology shop


We have been producing exclusive advertising material and promotional products for over 10 years. We will be at your side for any events you organize.

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