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We treat our customers, suppliers and business partners with respect. This means:



• friendly and comprehensive advice

• a clear and detailed offer

• a punctual and clean execution

• excellent value for money

• reliable cooperation with other companies




We value:


  • regional businesses

  • healthy growth

  • honest business relationships

  • mutual trust

  • a conscious use of materials for the benefit of nature 

  • qualitative and clean work




We pass on what we receive. This is our motto for social commitment.



  • cutting plotters: vector data, EPS, DXF, CDR, Illustrator-AI

  • Digital print: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG

  • Size / Scale: 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:10 (the ration width to height must be correct)

  • Addition: When laminating on various materials, a 10cm allowance (all around) the subject must be made

  • colour space: CMYK (special colour to be specified when ordering)

  • resolution: 1:1 size at least 300dpi.

  • Trimming / fiducial marks

  • Writings/Fonts: turned into paths

  • Images: on 1 level (no alpha channels)

  • Data carriers: CD-ROM, DVD, SD Card, USB-stick

  • We require a print (proof) for every order. If time constraints do not allow this, we will need a draft as a PDF.

  • It must be pointed out, that any complaint due to a lack of control print-out will not be acknowledged!


Contact us.

We would be very happy to meet you!

Ciline Werbetechnik

Kyburgstrasse 9

3013 Bern

Mobile  + 41 79 580 92 71


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